About GM Developments

GM Developments is recognised as one of South West London’s foremost building contractors delivering prestigious projects to the highest quality.

Founded in 1987 by Garry McHugh, GM Developments has progressed from undertaking small contracts to being recognised as a leading South West London builder.

Our success is the direct result of turning every client’s property dreams into reality. We achieve this through an unwavering commitment to primary principles.

That means establishing a good relationship with our clients. It applies to whether we’re refurbishing an existing house or building an entirely new home. And it’s an approach that is never compromised.

GM Developments always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We create exceptionally beautiful homes that are true to the original design concept.

When required, we overcome the unexpected and resolve any challenges in a positive and practical way to minimise potential delays. Providing an efficient and professional service is part of our DNA.

You’ll see from our portfolio of bespoke properties that our construction and design teams work hand in hand. This allows us to transform older properties into fully functional modern homes without compromising the beauty of traditional architecture. Alternatively, when we’re starting with a blank canvas, we build superb new homes in whichever style our clients desire.

As part of the company’s organic growth, GM Developments set up GM London in 2014. Already thriving, this is a property development company that typically focuses on individual new builds through to small/medium multi unit or mixed use schemes.

Across the company, we’re committed to taking an active role in both the local and wider community. We do this through sponsoring various events and taking part in charity fund-raising.